5 July 2021

Euro Blog P4

As part of the Euro 2020 football tournament, each class has been allocated a team to learn about and support. P4 were given Spain! We used a day in school to learn all about the Spanish country and culture. We dressed ourselves in red and yellow, the colours of the Spanish flag,...

5 July 2021

Sponsored Slide P1

Today in P1, we are participating in a sponsored slide. As a class we are trying to raise money for Friends of Torview by sliding down the slide as many times as we possibly can. Please sponsor us! 

11 June 2021

P7 Euro 2020!

26 May 2021

Animals P6

13 May 2021

Animals and their Habitats - P4

This half term in P4 we are learning about 'Animals and their Habitats.' Our focus this week has been ocean creatures! We introduced the topic in Technology and explored some of the animals that you might find in the ocean or sea, before learning how to sign some of the animal names...

5 May 2021

Lifecycles, Growth and Change P2

P2 have been learning about Lifecycles, Growth and Change through our Creative Curriculum this half term. As part of our learning in Science last week, the children enjoyed visiting the school pond. We decided to take some tadpoles back to class so we can observe the changes over...

23 April 2021

Lifecycles P1

Our topic this term is growing. In P1, we have visited the school pond to collect tadpoles. In P1 we are learning about the lifecycles of a frog. We are looking forward to watching the tadpoles grow and develop into...

16 April 2021

Animals and their Habitats - P7

This week in P7, we have been focusing on our new topic ‘Animals and their Habitats’. As part of this, we have used iPads to research our favourite animals, imitated animal noises using a variety of...

25 March 2021

P6 Blog

19 March 2021

P5 Motor Skills