Our Curriculum Model:

At Tor View we aim to provide a curriculum that meets the needs of all our children and young adults offering a broad, balanced, differentiated and relevant education which reflects continuity and maximises progression.


Three curricula operate within all departments of the school and each child’s curriculum is personalised by drawing on the each of these curricula in accordance with individual need.


Formal Curriculum: this is an age appropriate curriculum and includes the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and National Curriculum in Key Stages 1 – 4 and an accreditation related curriculum in Key Stage 5. All pupils access content from the appropriate Key Stage as defined by their chronological age although skills may be selected from earlier Key Stages as individual needs dictate.

Developmental Curriculum: this is an age appropriate curriculum designed to enable all our pupils to make recognisable small steps of progress and to develop pre-requisite skills to allow learners to access the formal curriculum.

Additional Curriculum: this is an individual curriculum designed to address the holistic needs of each individual. This curriculum may include advice from other agencies including therapeutic services such as Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Sensory Integration Therapy.


Read more about our curriculum model here.


Life Long Learning

Woven throughout our curriculum are opportunities for children and young people to develop skills in life long learning skills. Teachers meticulously plan for children and young people to develop:

Aspiration for Life

Language for Life

Learning for Life

Accurate assessment

Challenging targets

Effective questioning

Timely feedback.

Explicit teaching of subject related vocabulary

Embedded use of ELKLAN training

Effective communication environments

Inquiry based learning from EYFS to Post 19

Transferrable skills


opportunities for independence


Faculty Model

Our subjects are organised in to faculties where there is likely to be similar pedagogy. Each faculty is led by a senior teacher who is responsible for leading the family of subjects in their faculty. This allows us to continually focus on curriculum improvement.


Humanities & Vocational Learning

Expressive Arts


Language & Communication

Healthy Lifestyles

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Geography, History, Religious Education, Horticulture, Work Experience & Careers

Art & Design, Drama, Music & Dance

Science, Computing & Maths

English, French, AAC-ICT

PSHCE, Food Technology, Physical Education, Leisure & Catering.

Early Years & Nursery


Assessing your child’s needs

On entering school, each child is assessed with reference to the objectives within their Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP) to ensure they receive an individual and prioritised education.


Key areas for assessment are:

·       Speaking and listening (including early communication);

·       Literacy skills (including reading, writing and phonics);

·       Mathematics (including early cognition);

·       Physical skills;

·       Personal and Social Development;

·       Computing skills.


Assessments are regularly updated to maximise pupil potential and each child’s progress is monitored through the Key Skills Care Planning system which includes an acknowledgement of prior learning, clear assessment and setting individual targets. Parents are encouraged to contribute to the development of these plans.


Schemes of work and medium term planning ensure maximum progress is made in all curriculum areas. Each term, teachers revise pupils’ individual priority targets which are delivered through Key Skill lessons.

Further Information

If you require additional information relating to the Primary Curriculum, please contact the Assistant Headteacher, Mrs H Bleasdale on 01706 214640. 

If you require additional information relating to the Secondary Curriculum, please contact the Assistant Headteacher Mr A O'Brien on 01706 214640.

If you require additional information relating to the Further Education Curriculum, please contact the Assistant Headteacher, Mr A Collinson on 01706 214640.

The Annual Review process

All pupils and students have a formal Annual Review to discuss their progress and their future needs. The review consists of written reports, a review meeting and a summary of the recommendations and individual targets. The review is the opportunity to appraise and amend the Education, Health and Care Plan. Parents and professionals are advised of dates and documentation well in advance of the meeting and are given every encouragement to attend. Pupils are also encouraged to take an active part in their Annual Review.

Primary Curriculum

Secondary Curriculum

Further Education Curriculum

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