In teaching Duke of Edinburgh at Tor View School we aim to:


·        Develop effective communication skills to enable learners to develop their individual potential to the full.

·        Build self-confidence to enable students to work independently.

·        Develop social skills to enable students to work cooperatively with others.

·        Encourage creativity and enjoyment through a variety of forms.

·        Encourage self-assessment, perseverance and responsibility.


The Four sections: -


Physical – Students need to take part in a physical activity for an hour a week for 3 months.


Skill – Students need to take part in learning or developing a skill for an hour a week for 6 months.


Volunteering – Student needs to take part in volunteering for an hour a week for 3 months.


Expedition – Student needs to attend a 2-day expedition, which will include walking for a minimum of 6 hours a day, cooking ALL their meals on camp stoves etc. DUE TO COVID STUDENTS NO LONGER NEED TO CAMP.


Through their planning teachers provide students with opportunities to develop the skills associated with Duke of Edinburgh, including:


·        First Aid

·        Map Skills and Orienteering

·        Preparation for Expedition

·        Develop skills

·        Develop physical ability

·        Develop an understanding of community through a volunteering project


This year we have been successful in our application for funding to the D of E Diamond Foundation and have been awarded over £800 to buy new kit so that we can be successful in our expedition.