Reading is recognised as a key functional skill for all pupils. Every child has daily opportunities for developing reading skills or the pre-requisite skills for reading which include the development of early communication. We are using the systematic synthetic phonics programme rocket phonics school wide to ensure a consistent approach to enhancing our learners early reading skills.

Reading Schemes
We have access to a wide range of age-appropriate reading materials through reading planet online, which are matched to pupils' phase of phonics or reading age. We use technology to inspire and engage, promoting a love of reading both in school and at home. The use of published age-appropriate schemes are used throughout school to supplement reading in key skills, 1:1 reading sessions and home learning.
•    Rising stars decodable interactive texts (Whole School)
•    Barrington Stoke and Wellington Square readers (Secondary/FE)
In addition to these online, interactive published schemes, we have adopted a ‘reading anything’ philosophy to ensure we match reading materials to individual interests and developmental levels. 


We are Reading Time 
Tor View School understands the importance of reading and fostering a love of reading. We are members of and fully support Lancashire’s reading pledge and have adopted our reading mission. 
The Secondary Department have daily streamed ‘We Are Reading’ sessions as part of their reading diet. During these sessions the children attend inclusive, bespoke lessons focusing on different aspects of communication and reading. These groups include: Guided Reading, Reading Skills, Phonics, Makaton and PECS. 
The Primary department have bespoke key skills sessions on reading skills and communication, targeting phonics lessons and daily whole class reading. 
To promote reading for pleasure and vocabulary development, all classes are exposed to whole class reading. During this time, teachers read a book to their classes encouraging discussion, exploring narratives, embedding new vocabulary and aiding understanding. At Tor View we are committed to providing an enriched reading experience for all our pupils through current, diverse and classic literature.