Reading is recognised as a key functional skill for all pupils. Every child has daily opportunities for developing reading skills or the pre-requisite skills for reading which include the development of early communication. We have created our own systematic synthetic phonics programme, which has been adapted from Letters & Sounds and informed by other programmes, called STEPs to Phonics.

Reading Schemes

We use a range of age-appropriate reading materials, which are matched to pupils phase of phonics or reading age. The use of published, age appropriate schemes are used throughout school to supplement reading.

  • Primary Department – Oxford Reading Tree
  • Secondary Department – Wellington Square
  • Further Education Department – Dockside

In addition to these published schemes, we have adopted a ‘read anything’ policy to ensure we match reading materials to individual interests and developmental levels.

We are Reading

Tor View school have recently signed up to Lancashire’s reading scheme. Attached is our official logo and our pledge.

The Secondary Department have adopted ‘We Are Reading’ as the name of their afternoon, inclusive reading time. During ‘We are Reading’ pupil attend inclusive groups and develop their reading skills. There are five groups, which pupils rotate across the year, which focus and develop different aspects of communication and reading. These groups include: Guided Reading, Reading Skills, Phonics, Makaton & Action Narration.

To promote reading for pleasure and vocabulary development all classes are exposed to whole class reading. This is where teachers read a book to their class and encourage discussion & aid understanding. Each classes chosen text is displayed on the door of their classroom.