8 December 2021

Step On Community Blog

3 December 2021

Next Steps in the Community

Next Steps in the Community- We have been looking at the signs in our environment and how we follow them to keep safe. We identified common signs in class and discussed their meaning before taking a walk around the campus to see how many signs we could find. The students did a fantastic job...

3 December 2021

P7 Science Blog

30 November 2021

Enterprise Blog

29 November 2021

College Link Key Skills Blog

During our Functional Maths lessons, the College Link students have been focusing on fractions and percentages and how these relate to real life situations. In the classroom they have used the calculators on their mobile phones to work out sale prices with various Black Friday deals, such as...

23 November 2021

Science in P5

In Science in P5 this half term we have been looking at Acids and Alkalis. We have been experimenting with different household products and our homemade indicator made by red cabbage. We have been enjoying watching the change in colours when mixed together, then...

22 November 2021

Anti Bullying Week 15th - 19th November

Last week in school everyone had a focus on anti-bullying as it is a national themed week.  Mr Lord and Mr Mulderigg introduced the theme in their assemblies on Monday morning and each class has spent some time during the week thinking about it.  The theme was “one kind...

19 November 2021

P4 Food Tech

19 November 2021

KS4 Capcom Go

19 November 2021

College Link Bury College Visit

This Week students in the College Link group in the Further Education Department visited Bury College for a full tour. This allowed our young adults to make an informed choice of what options they have when they leave us in the future. We will also be visiting Burnley and Nelson and Colne...

15 November 2021

3D Key Skills Blog

The students in 3D have been working hard in their Key Skills this week and for the whole of last half term. They are working on a range of targets covering English, Maths and PSD (personal social development) aspects.  Each Monday parents use Dojo to send in photographs of the weekend...