14 May 2021

Engagement Model


13 May 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week - 4PG

For Mental Health Awareness Week, 4PG decided giving their time for others and caring for something else was important. The class have designed and made their own pyramid of bug hotels. These will be placed around our pond area, to encourage new life.  

13 May 2021

Animals and their Habitats - P4

This half term in P4 we are learning about 'Animals and their Habitats.' Our focus this week has been ocean creatures! We introduced the topic in Technology and explored some of the animals that you might find in the ocean or sea, before learning how to sign some of the animal names...

10 May 2021

Tor View Transport

10 May 2021

ISC Food Technology

10 May 2021

Ceramics 4M

5 May 2021

Lifecycles, Growth and Change P2

P2 have been learning about Lifecycles, Growth and Change through our Creative Curriculum this half term. As part of our learning in Science last week, the children enjoyed visiting the school pond. We decided to take some tadpoles back to class so we can observe the changes over...

29 April 2021

DofE Orienteering Skills

This week, we have had George from The British Orienteering Association, come into school and map the grounds, allowing us to practice our orienteering skills onsite. 4PG have also been practicing building shelters and cooking on a stove outdoors, in preparation for their Duke of Edinburgh...

28 April 2021

College Link Field Games

As part of sport and Leisure College Link students have been studying field games. Today they visited Whittaker Park in their community session and had great fun learning the rules of rounders, the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. During the community sessions students work on their...

23 April 2021

Lifecycles P1

Our topic this term is growing. In P1, we have visited the school pond to collect tadpoles. In P1 we are learning about the lifecycles of a frog. We are looking forward to watching the tadpoles grow and develop into...

22 April 2021

Athletics 4M

This term, our theme is Athletics. We will be practising field and track events in readiness for our Annual Sports Day. Pupils in 4M already know the importance of warming up our muscles before sport to prevent injuries and the importance of staying fit and healthy. During...