12 March 2021

Step On Science Week

For Science week this week Step On have had lots of fun doing their experiments. We made slime and have also had a go at making bouncy balls by using eggs submerging them in vinegar. We have had a go at turning milk into plastic and are currently awaiting the...

12 March 2021

P4 Science Week

This week P4 have been taking part in Science Week!  We explored frozen materials and observed how they change into a liquid when they melt. We added paint to the equation to make the transformation more exciting!  In another experiment we added water to cornflour...

12 March 2021

4M Science Project

11 March 2021

Autism and Mental Health - Anxiety

Autism and Mental Health - Anxiety   Over the recent year, our awareness of the impact of mental health and wellbeing support has become more important than ever for all of our learners across school.     Whilst mental health...

11 March 2021

The Horticulture Group

The Horticulture group are very busy planting seeds and making Herb Gardens and bulb pots. We are currently working from the classroom as we are now fully based in FE. We would really like to buy a large shed that can be used as an outdoor classroom. If anyone can help with this please...

10 March 2021

ICT Spring Newsletter

25 February 2021


Getting used to remote learning has been a challenge, but it is one that our KS3 P-Group have enjoyed...

13 March 2020

Stars of the week beginning 09.03.2020

P1 – Noah P3 – Max P4 – Lewis P5 – Tuqeer

6 March 2020

Stars of the week beginning 02.03.2020

P1 – Richie P2 – Christopher P3 – Zinia P4 – Yahya P5 – Charlie P6 – Linden

28 February 2020

Stars of the week beginning 24.02.2020

P1 – James P2 – Kail P3 – Mia P4 – Kyle P6 – Mason