1 July 2022

Emergency services and 1st aid week (27th June – 1st July)


We have had a very busy week in school this week!  The focus has been Emergency services, 1st aid and aspects of safety for all students in Primary and Secondary.  Each day, in Key skills sessions, classes have had the opportunity to practice making 999 calls, identifying what makes an emergency and role playing situations, using a CPR doll to try out chest compressions and wrapping each other up in bandages (as appropriate to the students).  We’ve had special visitors come into school from the Emergency services and a huge thank you to those people for their enthusiasm and input with all of our students.  On Monday we had PC Stafford (who used to work at Tor view as a teaching assistant!) and three lovely PCSOs who allowed us to explore their equipment and Police van.  On Tuesday, the Fire Brigade came with their engine and everyone was allowed to have a hose pipe “squirt!” and we also had a very interesting session with our school nurse team who talked to the students about health, hygiene and basic first aid.  On Wednesday afternoon, everyone loved the experience of the Paramedic team and their ambulance – getting the chance to use the siren, experiencing being on a stretcher and asking lots of questions! 

Posted by Michael Naughton