by /blog/author/mnaughton on 14 June 2021

The Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

The Duke of Edinburgh Award was established in 1956 by the late Prince Phillip and it is  An opportunity to discover new interests and talents. A tool to develop essential skills for life and work. A recognised mark of achievement; respected by employers. There are 

by /blog/author/mnaughton on 11 June 2021

Trainers 4M

by /blog/author/mnaughton on 20 May 2021

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award 4PG

4PG has continued to work towards their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, by participating in a 45minute PT session lead by Mr Greenwood of CGPT. The group completed full body exercises and small team relay games.  

by /blog/author/mnaughton on 18 May 2021

Seedhill Athletics Track 4PG

Yesterday, 4PG returned to Seedhill Athletics track to practice their Javelin. The class were introduced to more rules regarding the sport. This week, the group warmed up, practiced throwing a foam javelin to their partners, before moving onto practicing throwing using the javelin...