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The Backstage Crew

In the Further Education Department we have our own theatre group. This is called 'Face-Me Theatre'.

P4 Topic: Weather

P4 blog This week in P4, we have been continuing to look at our weather topic. In English, we read a story called ‘a rainy day’. We completed a writing task, focusing on our mark making targets. We created rain by making marks using a variety of blue tools! We then...

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Secondary clubs

Secondary clubs

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PE in P1

Physical Education This week in PE we practiced our dressing skills with developing independence and then undertook a dance lesson. First we followed instructions as we slowly warmed up our bodies. Some of us thought about our hearts and how calm they felt. Next we undertook a freeze...

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KS3 Religious Education

The topic for KS3 Religious Education this half term is “how do different religions express...

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Careers Week in College Link

For careers week in College Link, we have done various activities. We accessed the computers at Accrington...

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World Book Day Blog

World Book Day Blog  What a wonderful and exciting day! Well done to the whole school for creating such a lovely experience for everyone involved. The primary department explored the books of Julia Donaldson and the secondary department dived into the world of fantasy books....

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Viking's P4

This week, P4 have been focusing on Viking clothing and Jewellery. In our Creative History and Drama lesson, we dressed up in Viking clothing and then made a Viking broach using clay. We all enjoyed feeling the texture of clay and then using  a range of mark making tools to decorate our...

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Perfect Pancakes 

Perfect Pancakes  We started off cooking club by making pancakes to be ready for pancake day! The club worked together to read recipes, organise ingredients and make the pancakes. We discovered how important it is to use the right pan and discussed our favourite...

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Vikings KS2

This half term, KS2 are focusing on the topic of ‘The Vikings’. We have had a very special visitor to help us to learn more about the life of a Viking - a ‘real’ Viking! Steve from ‘Humph’s Histories’ came to our school and visited each of...