20 June 2022

6th June to 10th June 2022.

Our Magical Mystery Tour to Liverpool began with excitement, trepidation and packing of bags into the mini bus.

Our students, Team Leaders and support staff set off on their journey after registration and got to Liverpool without any hiccups by about 11.15am. As always happens on an adventure you eat sandwiches and lunch as soon as we got there so we were ready to explore.

For the next 3 days we walked, we talked, we sang, we learnt, we discovered, researched, we learnt to be aware of personal space, respect and became a family.

On Tuesday afternoon we walked around the dock and soon found ourselves on the open top bus which took us all around the city. We saw the landmarks and were told all sorts of facts and interesting information. ‘Music, Maritime and Sixties Culture’ is a huge part of the big personality and ‘Cultural Capital’ that is Liverpool. In the evening we had a nail bar, games and watched the England match.We returned to the hostel and after our delicious meal and several cups of tea, had an early bed time ready for the day ahead.

The next day, we enjoyed the company of Mr O’Brien, and was Museums day, including the Tate Gallery and the Museum of Liverpool. We were immersed in Art and Culture. We learnt to make decisions about what we liked and could appreciate in terms of art and performance. We had our lunch and as it was warm an ice cream was very much appreciated. After lunch we took our time to walk back to the hostel, where we had a chance sighting of Jason Donovan. This was very exciting particularly as we were going to the theatre in the evening to see Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat in which he was appearing. Everyone looked so smart and had such a lot of fun watching the wonderful show. We clapped, sang and danced our way through the performance. We even waited at the Stage Door to see the stars of the show.

The next day was a bit rainy unfortunately but this didn’t dampen our spirits! It was our day to travel on a ‘Ferry across the Mersey’. We had thought long and hard for days about what we could sing as we took in the sights. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, so we sang the song anyway and headed off on a sight seeing trip. This included walking to Liverpool Cathedral. This was a place of serenity and beauty. The students particularly admired the stained glass windows and it’s circular shape.We headed back to Liverpool One for shopping although those that were more interested in going back to the docks, meandered down to the docks following one of the student’s orienteering skills and found our way back to the sea. Much to our dismay we were told that our Ferry was still not running and decided to head back to the Youth Hostel where, after much walking the students had a relaxing evening and a lovely meal prepared by the staff there. Some students were organized and packed their cases ready for home the next day. A night of sleep followed a tiring but wonderful day.

Friday morning was filled with a little sadness but excitement as it was decided that we would try to go on the Big Liverpool Wheel. We set off and had our very own private run of the wheel. It was exciting to get an aerial view of the city and spot the places we had visited and walked to. A final visit to the Maritime Museum and our sandwiches on the Albert dock ended our trip with one final job. Clasping the railings lining the Albert Docks, are thousands of padlocks attached with love in rememberance of special times, and special people. It was decided that as a school we would place a padlock on the railing to remember our special trip. A photograph was taken as a reminder of an incredible few days with wonderful students and staff.

Thank you to Mrs David and Mr Collinson for a wonderfully planned trip and all the supporting staff and amazing students, who fully immersed themselves in the adventure that was our journey to Liverpool.

Posted by Michael Naughton

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