21 June 2022

At Tor View, not only do we celebrate the achievements of our pupils, we also celebrate the achievements of our parents and families!
Earlier in the year, Mrs. Clarke nominated two of our lovely parents, Ann and Chris Walton, to have a chance at winning one of the 'Pride of Rossendale' awards which were directed by Rossendale Hospice.
Ann and Chris were nominated for the highest award - 'Pride of the Valley'. Mrs. Clarke nominated them due to their commitment to fostering over many years, their loving and compassionate nature for all of the children in their care and for the absolute joy they have brought to so many different children.
On Friday, the 'Pride of Rossendale; awards took place. We are so proud that Ann and Chris were awarded with a 3rd place award for being the 'pride of the valley'. 
We all want to say a huge 'Well done' to Ann and Chris for all they have done!

Posted by Michael Naughton