28 February 2022

This half term, KS2 are focusing on the topic of ‘The Vikings’. We have had a very special visitor to help us to learn more about the life of a Viking - a ‘real’ Viking!

Steve from ‘Humph’s Histories’ came to our school and visited each of the KS2 classrooms through the day. He showed us some Viking artefacts, let us explore items such as a shield, a (pretend) sword, a Viking horn and helmets. He also taught us about the types of food Vikings would have eaten and also about the types of materials they would have used to make their clothing.

Steve left us some shield templates to decorate ourselves so that we could all have own very own Viking shields!

We all had a fantastic day in KS2, showed our visitor how well behaved and enthusiastic we all are and really enjoyed our first hand learning experience about the Vikings!



Posted by Michael Naughton

Category: Primary Department Blog