10 May 2021

Please see our ISC blog to find out what we've been making in our Food Technology sessions!
Over this half term we have been working hard to develop our independence and life skills as we have focussed on how to make bread and butter pudding. 
Throughout the sessions we have been developing our skills across the different stages involved including:
  • Exploring the different ingredients using our senses
  • Identifying the ingredients using our preferred method of communication
  • Gathering and using the utensils needed with increasing independence
  • Measuring and weighing out ingredients 
  • Following our recipe with reduced support
  • Communicating our preferences for ingredient choices
After all our hard work, the most rewarding part of the lesson is always tasting what we have made and enjoying the results!
If you would like to try our recipe, please find the ingredients list, utensils list and recipe below. Don't forget to share your pictures of how you get on!

ISC Food Technology

Posted by Michael Naughton

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