10 May 2021

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What’s Inside?

4M have been studying artists that draw, paint and create the inside of fruit, vegetables and natural objects.

Pupils discussed what would be inside fruit & vegetables, then were delighted with what they found inside real fruit & vegetables. They found seeds, pith and different textures within the fruit & vegetables. Pupils were encouraged to look at basic shapes, colours, form, textures, then draw them using oil pastels. After watching a short demonstration that showed a starting point – basic shapes, then adding detail using seed shapes & contour lines, pupils used their own sticky knowledge & prior skills to create these amazing drawings.

The following week, 4M made 3D half peppers, lemons and tomatoes using skills learnt over the key stage, and following a set of communication in print or written instructions. Their ceramic pieces look like the inside of real fruit and vegetables! Pupils were highly engaged and were extremely proud of their work.

Ceramics as an Art Medium

We have been using clay and making ceramics at Tor View School since 2016. Clay is a superb medium for everyone – it is tactile, versatile, fun to work with, sensory and a medium that can be used across the curriculum. Some of our pupils enjoy playing with clay, practicing key skills such as 

  • wedging clay to get the air bubbles out – links to catering and kneading dough
  • rolling out clay – links to food technology including rolling out pastry
  • cutting clay with a knife – links to cutting food at dinner time
  • smoothing clay with a kidney – links to spreading butter or jam onto toast – life skills
  • markmaking with tools – links to art & design, design technology and fine motor skills
  • creating outstanding artefacts – being proud of finished outcomes whilst enjoying processes during practical activities and being part of a team
  • having fun with clay or play dough – rolling/squeezing/pressing/shaping/forming and making links to gross motor skills – strengthening fingers and hands ready for writing and drawing skills

Fun with Clay

Here is a power point that points out some great reasons why we need clay in our lives!

(Clay Blog Power Point)

What’s Inside – the inside of fruit and vegetables

Here are some more pieces of artwork inspired by inside fruits and vegetables. Why not have a go at making something out of play dough, clay or salt dough? 


Salt Dough

If you don’t have any play dough or clay, here is a recipe for salt dough for you to try at home!

2 cups of plain flour

1 cup of salt

I cup of water

Place all dry ingredients into a bowl. Mix with a spoon. Add the water, and mix to a dough. 


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