5 May 2023


Key Stage 4 pupils worked on a stencilled version of King Charles III to celebrate the Coronation on May 6th  2023.

Pupils worked on the pre-drawn image with paint and used fine brushes, medium brushes and rollers to fill in all the sections.

They were very proud of the final artwork!

Many other pupils from the Secondary Department drew King Charles III and used felt tips to render and add detail.

They copied the image from the Smart Board and added their own artistic detail.

Pupils used their existing knowledge of how to draw portraits when they started drawing the King.

One of our learners drew Camilla - Queen Consort, who was wearing a very detail in the image she copied.

I am always amazed at the talent and outcomes of all the pupils - they are incredible!


From Everyone in the Art Department at Tor View School


Posted by Michael Naughton

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