11 June 2021

Staff have been attending Art Therapy Sessions, which are designed to enhance their health and wellbeing - including mental health, fine art skills and help them relax after a busy day. So far, staff have learnt to free their arms, learnt about rhythm and movement in line and shape, colour theory including warm colours, cool colours and colours that look good together - colours in harmony.
The aims of the sessions are for staff to enjoy, learn new art & creativity skills, produce artwork that makes them feel good and take skills learnt into the classroom.
I have given the artists homework! This includes doodling and creating colourful patterns by taking a pencil for a walk and filling the gaps. We discussed changing habits - doodling while on the phone or watching tv - putting their phones or devices away and setting aside 20 minutes each day for art therapy.
Try turning your phone off or onto speaker phone and doodling - it's great fun!
Here are some of the staff taking part in Art Therapy and with their completed artwork!

Art Therapy for Staff 1


Posted by Michael Naughton