11 June 2021

4M have designed their own trainers in readiness for Sports Day 2021 at Tor View School!
We investigated designer trainers, they chose their own designs and got creative using pencils, coloured pencils, and marker pens.
They used fine art skills alongside imagination and individual skills to design a new trainer that they would like to wear on Sports Day next week.
Pupils annotated their trainers with the words front/back/laces/islet/sole/toe/heel/high top.
They learnt about the Design Process - Design - Plan - Make - Evaluate - Modify. Which one is your favourite?
We couldn't choose - we loved them all!
Why don't you try to design your own trainer? Just type into the search bar - 'Line drawing - converse high top'.

4M's Trainers


Posted by Michael Naughton

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