26 May 2021

This half term in PE in P6 we have been incorporating our dance topic with our Creative and Science topics of ‘Animals’. We have been dancing to three different dances which involved minibeasts. The dancing let the pupils focus on being able to use space around them effectively, work collaboratively in small groups and sequence movements together. 

The first dance was called ‘The Bees do the Waggle Dance’. The inspiration around the dance was knowing how particular patterns of movement reflect how bees pass on messages.

The second dance was called ‘Digging for Worms’. The inspiration around this dance was to focus on how useful the common earth worm can be in the garden. The worm unfortunately nearly becomes a tasty meal for a robin in the garden … fortunately, the worm is stubborn and manages to escape!

Our final dance is whereby the pupils move around like dragonflies, before combining elements from all three dances. This involves making a minibeast dance incorporating all there dances together. Well done for fantastic dancing P6!

Animals P6

Posted by Michael Naughton

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