16 April 2021

This week in FE taster, pupils experienced power tools and learnt about health and safety in the workshop.
We used the Design and Technology workshop - a purpose-built space where the pupils can work safely and carefully.
Over the next few weeks, we will be practising using power tools always taking Health and Safety into consideration.
Pupils already knew how to prepare for work - 
  • Tie long hair back - if you have long hair
  • Wear a boiler suit or a protective jacket - to protect their uniform
  • Roll sleeves back
  • Wear Googles to protect the eyes
All pupils took turns to use the power sander - with low vibration (plugged into the mains socket) and the drill driver (uses a battery that is charged through a mains socket)
I was very impressed with pupil's prior knowledge of preparing for work - using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and their ability to use power tools.
The work that pupils have done in Key Stage 3 Design and Technology allowed pupils to achieve success, whilst enjoying the activity.
Pupils have the confidence when working with power tools, as they have been taught over the years how to use power tools equipment safely, following a set of clear instructions. 
Over the next few weeks, pupils will be making artefacts for outside using power tools and hand tools, linked to Horticulture. 
We looked at where electricity comes from which includes nuclear, hydro-electric, wind power and coal fired electricity stations.
We had some interesting discussions about where electricity comes from as this is currently a global debate.

Health and Safety in the workshop 4M

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