26 March 2021

This half-term the topic for Key Stage 3 has been pattern with a focus on the artwork of the famous ceramic artist, Clarice Cliff, who lived in the twentieth century and produced most of her work in the 1930’s..  The students in 3D have completed a number of tasks and activities to find out about and explore creating in the style of Clarice.  We have ; 

  • Researched into her life and how she became such a famous artist. 
  • Looked at the range of colours, patterns and techniques she used to create her art work. 
  • Identified the abstract and naturalistic images that she used in her work 
  • Made a simple paper design for a ceramic jug, selecting colours and adapting own patterns. 
  • Created a decoupage collage on a paper plate (using images from magazines) to produce a Clarice Cliff style of plate. 
  • Used air drying clay to create a 3D plate which we then used clay tools on to create images, either abstract or naturalistic that looked like Clarice Cliff’s artwork. 
  • Used bright colours to paint the clay plates, again following Clarice’s style and not always using realistic colours. 


All of the students thoroughly enjoyed completing the artwork and we hope you like the look of them too!  

The Haworth Art Gallery in Accrington houses a large collection of Clarice Cliff pottery - you might like to visit it, when possible in the future.   You might like to look at the following website https://www.claricecliff.com/ 

Other websites include..... 




3D take on the challenge of creating their own piece of ceramic pottery! 

Posted by Michael Naughton

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