28 April 2022

Haslingden Tesco has a new community champion , Mukhtar and Mrs David has recently been in touch with him to organize replenishing our personal hygiene packs.  In the Autumn term, Tesco donated a set of 80+ packs including toothbrush, toothpaste and a flannel that have been used to facilitate the students independence skills and allowed them to practice toothbrushing after lunch.
The students in 3D from the secondary department walked across to Tesco on Wednesday to collect the new packs from Mukhtar and have had their photo taken with him - this photo may well appear on the community board in the supermarket so look out for it appearing!
As it in Maths week in school we also took the opportunity for the students to use their money skills to purchase a baby Mochachino from the cafe!  The students were brilliant throughout the visit and we hope to extend the connections with Mukhtar and the team at Tesco.

Posted by Michael Naughton