22 November 2021

Last week in school everyone had a focus on anti-bullying as it is a national themed week.  Mr Lord and Mr Mulderigg introduced the theme in their assemblies on Monday morning and each class has spent some time during the week thinking about it.  The theme was “one kind word” with the idea that it is far nicer to share kind words, thoughts and actions and if we all try to do this the world will be a nicer place.  3D looked at online videos about bullying and discussed what to do if you are being bullied, either in person or online.  They also thought about what words were considered to be “kind” and made a fab poster using post-it notes which is on display outside the classroom.  They also spent some time making ‘thank you’ cards and identified people in our school who we needed to say thank you to – the students came up with the background people who might not work directly with the pupils but who keep our school running smoothly.  On Friday afternoon, they took the cards out and gave them to key members of staff!  The message for the week … if you can be anything, be KIND!   



Posted by Michael Naughton