13 May 2021

Trust Curriculum Transformation Twilight Blog

On Tuesday 11th May, teachers across Tor View Specialist Learning Community had the opportunity to meet with subject leaders across the Sea View Trust to discuss their curriculum subjects.  The aim of this meeting is to work together to create and agree a progression document that can be used across all the Trust schools. This is not a scheme.  It is not a curriculum.  It is essentially the national curriculum… but with a twist.  Cultural Capital is the knowledge that the children learn which is above and beyond the national curriculum.  This exciting opportunity has given the subject leads across the schools in the trust to have some creative license to add in optional extra knowledge (Cultural Capital) that they believe will be invaluable to our children, to deepen the children’s understanding in key areas and above all raise our expectations of what can be achieved and, as a result, give our children the best possible start to their educational journey and hopefully better opportunities in life.  

Posted by Michael Naughton