2015 Research Reports

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Research Report 1

Measuring the Impact of Embedded Sensory Interventions on the Behaviour of a Student with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Complex Learning Difficulties and Challenging Behaviour.

Jodie Fotheringham & Georgia McCrone.

Research Report 2

Sustained Shared Thinking.

Jan Reeves & Ann-Marie Houghton.

2016 Research Reports

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Research Report 3

Exploring the Role of Forest Schools in Secondary Schools: A Case Study.

Jane Mutchell.

Research Report 4

The Use of a Real Audience to Inspire Lower Attaining Students to Redraft Proofread and Edit Writing.

Michelle Jones.

Research Report 5

The Influence of Work Based Learning within a Post-19 Provision on the Employability Opportunities for SLD learners.

Eileen Melling.

Research Report 6

Is therapeutic play a successful tool to aid learning and increase a child’s potential within a special needs school?

Gemma Duxbury.

Research Report 7

Embedding teacher research into school culture: a case study.

Karen Taylor.

2017 Research Reports

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Research Report 8

Can a structured relaxation programme increase pupil engagement?

Rachel Dixon.

Research Report 9

How can curriculum planning meetings support how practitioners feel about planning and teaching MFL lessons to SEN pupils?

Helen Fearon.

2018 Research Reports

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Research Report 13

Does a Lego based therapy intervention promote social interaction in individuals with autism?

Helen Willett.

Research Report 14

Does the application of higher order thinking skills (HOTS) challenge more able KS1 pupils to produce higher quality writing?

Lucy Wadsworth.

Research Report 15

A case study into the development of a Modern Foreign Languages scheme of work for learners P1-P4.

Lucy Wadsworth.

Research Report 16

How do primary school teachers challenge more able pupils in History?

Stacey Jenkins.

2019 Research Reports

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Research Report 17

A Case Study of a structured resilience intervention programme and its impact on engagement for a child with severe learning difficulties, significant challenging behaviour and experience of adverse childhood experiences

Vicky Farish.

Research Report 18

Can 5 minute daily "micro mindfulness" sessions make a difference to pupils and staff in a SEN setting?

Lindsey Towers

Research Report 19

The influence of a wellbeing intervention on Primary School pupil attendance.

Melanie Egan