Statutory Information

This page contains the links to all the different areas on our website where the information that the Department for Education requires us to publish can be found.

Paper copies can be provided free of charge on request by contacting the school office on 01706 214640.

1. Contact details
2. Admission arrangements
3. Exclusions arrangements (can be found within our Pupil and Student Conduct Policy)
4. Ofsted report
5. Key Stage 2, Key Stage 4, Key Stage 5 results and Performance tables
6. Curriculum
7. Behaviour Policy and Anti Bullying Strategy (can be found in our Pupil and Student Conduct Policy and our Anti-Bullying Policy)
8. Pupil Premium and Year 7 Catch-up Premium
9. PE and Sport Premium (Year 6 swimming competency can be found on this page)
10. Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (further information can be found in our Special Educational Needs Policy on our Policies page)
11. Accessibility plan for disabled pupils (can be found in our Local Offer)
12. Equality Impact Scheme and Equality Objectives (can be found in our Single Equalities Policy)
13. Complaints Policy
14. Annual reports and accounts
15. Trustees and members information
16. Governors’ information and duties
17. Charging and Remissions Policy (can be found in our Charging Policy)
18. Provider Access Policy (can also be found in our Secondary & Further Education Department)
19. Child Protection Policy (can be found here)
20. Values and ethos