The View Trust Widens Horizons

Widens Horizons

  • We confidently challenge existing notions of what children can achieve;
  • We are committed to a schools with schools approach to developing a self-improving school-led system;
  • The trust is committed to a broad and balanced curriculum which includes access to arts and cultural education to excite creative learning processes;
  • We have a deep commitment to safeguarding all pupils but encourage Trust academies to be adventurous taking calculated risks to enhance learning;
  • Inclusion is central to the Trust, including equality of opportunity for all. Every learner has a right to an appropriate curriculum which enables and supports positive outcomes;
  • We understand that academies are at the heart of their communities and encourage Trust academies to foster and enhance close links with local partners and community organisations;
  • We want attending a Trust academy to be a fun and enjoyable for staff, pupils and families.