The View Trust Values Staff

Values Staff

  • Trustees have resolved to honour national and local agreements and support existing and comparable terms and conditions for the workforce and to consult staff prior to making any future significant changes;
  • Staff employed in the extended remit of the Trust (for example PlayScheme and After School Clubs) may have modified terms and conditions which reflect the nature of this work. The Trust will set pay and conditions which are fair and appropriate, reflecting age, experience and job evaluations;
  • The Trust is committed to supporting the professional development of all colleagues through high quality CPLD.
  • It is the aim of the Trust to ensure that employees are remunerated at least as well as staff working in comparable roles, in similar settings;
  • The Trust respects the right of staff to be members of a Trade Union and actively encourages staff to take up this right;
  • Staff welfare and well-being is a priority for the Trust and all HR processes will be followed in accordance with legal protocols and a culture of respect for the individual staff member.