The View Trust is a Nurturing Trust

The Trust will act as a mini Local Authority of academies working co-operatively with schools, small enough to know and care but big enough to provide support for individual schools and academies and offer economies of scale. All academies within the Trust will benefit from the success of the Trust.


  • We believe in earned autonomy for all our academies with the Trust differentiating the level of support and challenge required to meet the needs of each individual academy;
  • We have an established framework of Governance to ensure that we accountable to all stakeholders;
  • The Trust seeks to replace some of the functions of a local authority without unnecessary bureaucracy and administrative burden with capacity to be promptly and flexibly responsive.
  • The Trust is committed to maintain connexions with a range of external partners to ensure that all academies remain well-informed.
  • We seek to support all partner academies in achieving positive outcomes for pupils and their families;
  • We will support academies to retain and develop their own unique identities whilst adhering to the agreed vision and values;
  • We want all members of the Trust community to be healthy and feel safe and will support academies to provide premises fit for purpose, training and development opportunities for all staff to be secure in their roles and for all of our academies to be Healthy Schools;
  • We will provide critical-friendship including peer to peer review that allows academies to respond to their individual circumstances and meet the needs of their own school communities without unnecessary interference.