The View Trust is a collaborative trust


  • We are pupil and people centred and seek to provide supportive, individually appropriate environments where children and young people can thrive;
  • We are a growing Trust, that seeks to identify like-minded partners who wish to work in collaboration and share our person-centred vision and values;
  • We recognise that all academies in a Trust will have unique skills, abilities and areas of excellence and seek to support academies in sharing knowledge and expertise;
  • We wish to establish a community of professionals encouraging collaboration between and within Trust academies;
  • We expect all of our schools to be successful and to achieve a ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ grading within two years of joining the Trust, we aspire to be a Trust of outstanding schools;
  • We are not prescriptive, we seek to support all our academies to develop a curriculum offer that deepens knowledge, develops skills and inspires all learners to learn;
  • We expect each academy to develop a range of support relevant to pupil needs, age and stage to enable learners to be successful, independent, confident life-long learners;
  • The Trust will support families by enabling schools to provide a wide range of extended school and study support activities appropriate to their pupil continuum;
  • We respect an academy’s right to retain established partnerships, collaborations and links beyond the scope of the Trust;
  • We seek to be fair in ensuring that funds are not diverted from their intended purpose and provide robust financial accountability to ensure economies of scale provide value for money in all activities undertaken by the Trust;
  • We will provide a range of agreed central services including HR, payroll and some aspects of administration to release academy leaders to address their primary purpose of teaching and learning. In doing so the Trust will manage strategic risks to educational standards and ensure the efficient management and financial security of all academies in the Trust;
  • We are committed to listening to all our partners and providing a feedback process by which individual stakeholders are able to influence the future direction and operation of the Trust;
  • We are an organisation that is open, transparent and actively embraces equality, diversity and has an honest, inclusive and respectful culture in which everyone is valued and all can trust.