Push and pull in Primary 5

Ben using a PULL force to lift the heavy weight.Primary 5 pupils are having fun this half-term in their Science lessons! We are exploring the forces of PUSH and PULL. We have looked around our school to find objects we can push which includes the light switches and the soap dispenser in the bathroom. We found objects to pull including paper towels in the bathroom.

Sami and Cerys explore push and pull with an umbrella.We also discovered that there are some objects which can be pushed AND pulled … like a door, a toothbrush and the mini skateboards we have in our PE cupboard!

Jake and Josie PULLED the stretchy elastic dance band!We explored and observed a range of objects in class and placed them into different force groups.

We looked at push and pull forces in our own homes and explored things that we can push and pull.

Linden used his legs to push and pull himself around the classroom on the skateboard.

We hope to go to the local park on Clod Lane to explore the PUSH and PULL activities there!

Oliver held on tight to PULL the hoola hoop!

Date: 29.01.2018