P3 are getting fruity!

1As part of our half-term topic on “Colours”, the children in P3 have been exploring different fruits. We have matched colour symbols to the fruits themselves – apple, banana, pear, pineapple, melon, orange, strawberries and nectarines – and also matched them to photographs of the chopped up fruit. We have learnt the Makaton signs for the different symbols and all the children have been given an opportunity to explore the different fruits using all their senses, including taste!

2The pupils have been supported to peel and chop the fruits and will be making a range of dishes using them. The first two weeks of term we worked on preparing fruit salad. The children took small dishes of these home and the returning comments from parents and carers were very positive!

3Over the next few weeks we plan to make fruit kebabs, fruit smoothies and little fruit pastries. We are enjoying our colourful, tasty and healthy fruit in P3!




Date: 05.02.2020