Mather Art Gallery Exhibition.

The art work was displayed at the Mather Art Gallery. From 24th June to 2nd July, Secondary and FE pupils and students had their work displayed at The Mather Art Gallery in Rawtenstall. The Exhibition came about through a parent of the school who is also a member of our FOTV, who knows the proprietor, Karl Mather. After discussions, they wondered if we would like to showcase some of our pupils work in a temporary exhibition. After further discussions and a meeting at the gallery with Karl, I organised a wide range of artwork from 50 pupils to be prepared, mounted and labelled for a special ten day exhibition.

Chloe with some of her art work. The work shows fine art, still life drawings, paintings, collage, ceramic sculptures, vases and bowls and Chloe Begleys GCSE artwork on a slideshow.
We are very proud of their work, their achievements and their creativity – as my philosophy states – ‘everyone is an artist!’
Here are some photos from the opening.
Miss Fiona McIlroy.

Some secondary pupils at the opening.

Secondary pupils are joined by the Mayor who opened the Gallery.

Date: 12.07.2016