Key Stage 3 Residential to Tower Wood

Pupils enjoy the campfire in the tepee.Our Key Stage 3 Residential to Tower Wood took place the week following on from the Easter break. Pupils were exceptionally excited to be on their way – and slept most of the way there!
On arrival we sorted our rooms, practiced our fire drill and had some lunch. Our first activities took place on the high and low ropes courses as well as the tree and pole climbs. We were amazed by the bravery of some of our pupils, particularly those who jumped off the top of the climbing pole onto the hanging trapeze! After tea some of us watched Yogi Bear, while others had a camp fire in the Tepee. Amazingly everyone slept through the night.

Pupils complete the nightline.Our second day was spent exploring the Lake by sail boat and group canoe, followed by a trip up Gummer’s How on foot. The whole group made it to the top, by varied routes, despite a couple of us thinking we might not make it. That evening we completed the Tower Wood nightline – a rope leading us through all the trees on the site with different challenges along the way. Then we all went down to the Tepee for hot chocolate around the campfire.

Mark and Lia on the canoe raft. On our final day we went back to Lake Windermere, some travelled via canoe rafts, others by double and single kayaks.
Staff were amazed at the way that the pupils engaged with each other and took on the activities, their behaviour was impeccable and they were a real credit to Tor View.
We also have to commend the Tower Wood staff who were so accommodating, patient and flexible. Well done to everyone involved!

A group out on Lake Windermere.

Another group leave Tower Wood to sail Lake Windermere.

Pupils take on the nightline.

Date: 27.04.2018