Key Stage 2 Creative

P4 Roman Britain.In Key Stage 2 our creative theme for this half term is The Roman Empire in Britain.
Over the weeks we have been exploring this topic and learning more about the Romans and their lifestyles.
We explored Roman pastimes and learnt about the different activities they did. We used our drama skills to role play being Romans and act out the different activities that they used to do. First of all we pretended to go to the Roman baths to socialise with our friends. Next we pretended to be gladiators battling a fierce lion. We made our own individual shields and a big class shield using mosaic patterns. Lastly we made chariots and raced against each other. The Roman pastimes were very different to the things that we enjoy doing today!

P4 Roman Britain.We also learnt about the different foods that the Romans ate and learnt about the different Gods that they believed in. In our English lessons we listened to different Roman myths and practised our mark making and writing as we wrote about different parts of the story. In technology we explored the different buildings that the Romans introduced and made our own Roman roads and aqueducts using a range of materials.

Date: 22.03.2019