Freemasons fund our revamped MSE room!

Mr Holland and Mrs David work with pupils in the MSE room.Our Multi Sensory Room had, over the past few years, become somewhat run-down. The bubble tube had broken, the fibre optic tails and lights had all snapped and twisted, the mirror ball didn’t spin anymore and the light show wasn’t very colourful! Mr Steven Holland, who is the Bury District Charity Steward for the Freemasons was contacted just before the summer holiday this year and he came into school one Friday afternoon and met Gavin Lyons our Deputy Head Teacher and Allison David, teacher with responsibility for the MSE room.

3V pupils using the MSE room.Mr Holland could see we needed some help and just before the October half-term, he contacted school to say that the East Lancashire Masonic Charity would be very happy to be able to present us with the full grant. This funding enabled work to be completed on the refurbishment of the MSE. The work was carried out over the October holiday and on Friday 25th November Mr Holland and Mr Rickett from ELMC came into school to present us with a cheque for almost £3000! They were very impressed with the work that had been carried out and enjoyed meeting some of our pupils in the room. The MSE room now looks fabulous and lots of students are now accessing it again to support switching, anticipation and cause and effect skills.

One of our pupils enjoying the updated features of the MSE room.

One of our pupils watches the images from the projector.

Date: 12.12.2016