Enterprise week

Enterprise week. This term pupils in KS4 have taken part in an Enterprise Week. The theme for the week was conscious and ethical enterprise. Our group worked together to come up with a theme. The pupils chose to make pizzas and ice cream. They had to solve problems which included where to source the ingredients.

Market research in relation to which pizzas and ice cream would sell best. Advertising round school by making posters and flyers, then finally work experience making and selling the pizzass, The group approached Tesco’s, Morrisons,, Asda and Aldi for support. Tesco and Morrisons kindly donasted montery gift cards which were used to purchase baking ingredients.

Pupils and staff approached family and friends and were able to souce pizzas boxes, and ice cream maker and farm fresh eggs. The pupils had a great week preparing and working as a group during the week. Before the final activity of taken part in a presentation to share the work with the other groups.

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Date: 04.03.2019