P4 have a special visitor!

Sparkles in P4.Over the past week in P4 we have all been very busy with the preparation for our Christmas nativity production called ‘Whoops-a-daisy Angel!’
We learnt the song words and Makaton signs ready for the performances, finding out more about the Nativity story as we went along.
Each of us had a part to play ranging from angels to animals and band members and we all came together to show our hard work to our parents and carers.
Alongside the Christmas production we welcomed the return of our Christmas elf, Sparkles! Sparkles appears each day around the classroom, often getting muddled up in our Christmas activities or making mischief by playing tricks on us. It is our job to spot where he is and talk about what he is doing every day!

Sparkles the elf.

Date: 14.12.2018