The Secondary Department consists of:

  • Key Stage 3: 11-14 yrs
  • Key Stage 4: 14-16 yrs

In Key Stage 3, pupils are introduced to a secondary model of education: pupils are taught in ability-based teaching groups and move from classroom to classroom for different curriculum subjects. Many subjects are taught by teachers who are specialists in their subject. Pupils are placed in mixed-ability form groups according to age.

In parallel with our Inclusion Base at Haslingden Primary School, our Inclusion Base at Haslingden High School offers our Gifted and Talented pupils from Key Stage 3, who have the ability, either socially or academically, the opportunity to work and play in a mainstream environment with the support of a specialist teacher and a secure classroom base. With this support, these pupils spend five mornings a week at Haslingden High School.

In Key Stage 4 pupils continue to access the same model as in Key Stage 3, however, acquiring greater independence and essential life skills in preparation for leaving school becomes a priority. Pupils are supported to gain recognition for their achievements through internally and externally accredited courses in Key Skills (communication, literacy, numeracy, information technology and personal development skills) and are given access to relevant work experience opportunities. In addition, our Gifted and Talented pupils have the opportunity to access GCSE courses at Haslingden High School.