The Primary Department consists of:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage: 3-5 yrs
  • Key Stage 1: 5-7 yrs
  • Key Stage 2: 7-11 yrs

The Early Years Foundation Stage offers a caring, nurturing and creative approach which ensures our pupils’ earliest experiences are positive, happy and rewarding.

We extend the early years approach into Key Stage 1 as we continue to develop early learning and play skills. Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups similar to, but smaller than, their mainstream peers.

In Key Stage 2 classes focus on developing essential Learning to Learn skills, preparing each child for more formal learning environments as they move further up the school. Pupils prioritise extending their individual skills base by working on specific areas for development and generalising, through creative means, the new skills they have learnt. Pupils are taught in both streamed and mixed ability groups.

Our Inclusion Base at Haslingden Primary School offers our Gifted and Talented pupils from Key Stage 2, who have the ability, either socially or academically, the opportunity to work and play in a mainstream environment with the support of a specialist teacher and a secure classroom base. With this support, these pupils spend five mornings a week at Haslingden Primary School.