Speech and Language Resources

I have added some resources here to give some suggestions as to how you can support the speech, language and communication needs of your children. I work with a number of pupils throughout the school who have a vast range of difficulties. It is not possible to set individual work on this platform but if you would like to request specific work for your child please feel free to email at r.tapley@theviewtrust.org and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ideas for developing Listening and Attention Skills

Ideas for developing vocabulary

Below you will find a range of activities to develop vocabulary knowledge. You may need the following resources
-picture source e.g. flash cards, book, school topic vocabulary

Identify the odd one out for each group of 3 and say why it is the odd one out.

Think of a word or choose a picture to place in centre, then answer the questions. Once completed, can you use the word in a sentence.

The Importance of Play

play Developing early interaction skills such as eye contact, turn taking and shared attention is essential for developing early communication and for developing positive interactions with others. Some children need support to develop positive interaction skills and would benefit from ‘play’ sessions. This does not need to look like typical play as seen by an adult and should be led by what interests the child. Please see the supportive play ideas below to help develop your child’s play and to support positive interactions. Most importantly, have fun.

Carol Gray - social story

Intensive Interaction

This activity is good for developing social interaction skills, it allows you to get to know your child better and to follow their lead. It is hoped that the child will develop an awareness that they are being copied and become more interested in your responses than the activity they are doing. Most importantly it should be fun.

Following Directions

Use the ‘Simon Says’ activity to develop skills related to following directions and action words. Play with the whole family.