Here you can find some activities and games that you can play at home, an overview of the class topics and specific topic work for English, Maths, Science and Key Skills.
Stay safe and look after yourselves and your families. We look forward to seeing you and hearing about what you have been up to at home!
Mrs Bleasdale and the P6 Team.

P6 topics

Easter activities!

Easter will soon be here!
You could make an Easter Card and post this to families or friends.
Do an Easter Egg hunt in the garden…

…or do some baking!

Don’t forget to take part in the Easter Competition!
This year we may need to be even more creative and use what we can find around our homes to make some Easter art.
Be as creative as you can!
Ideas we have seen in the past are: junk modelling an Easter scene, decorating boiled eggs, making an Easter hat or creating a picture using different materials.
To enter, either upload a photo of your entry to the Facebook post with your child’s initials and class or email your entry to Mrs Kiernan at: c.kiernan@theviewtrust.org.


It is very important during this time, when things seem very different, that you look after yourself and talk to someone if you feel a bit sad or worried about anything.
In P6, every morning we greet each other and tell each other how we are feeling, you can keep this up at home and let a family member know!
Inside Out is a great film to watch to explore your emotions further.


A lot of people are painting rainbows and putting these in their windows, this is something you could do to brighten up your street! Some people are also placing teddies in their windows so that children can see them if they go for a walk.

Rainbow hunt.

If you have a garden there are lots of things you can do outside to enjoy the sunshine! You could take a book or have a picnic, have a look at some of the ideas below.

Backyard hunt.

Spring hunt.

Alternatively, there are lots of things to do inside too!

Indoor hunt.

Book hunt.

Maths hunt.

Inventor hunt.

Use these symbols if you like to make a visual timetable for when you are at home.


In English, our topic is Greek mythology. You can find a copy of some of the myths that we have read in school (as provided by Twinkl).
You could also watch Hercules (U) if this is available to you to gain further understanding of Greek mythology!


We have covered a variety of topics in maths this term including addition and subtraction, mass and length, fractions, time and position and direction.
Please find our maths song, links and games below to embed learnt knowledge.

Game – Heavy or light?
Choose an object from where you are, then roll a dice.
If you roll 1, 3, 5 – find something lighter
If you roll 2, 4, 6 – find something heavier
Compare the objects!

Addition and Memory Game
Using a pack of cards, take out the joker card and the King cards.
Find pairs that make 10 (Jack = 10, Ace = 1, Queen = 0)
Place all the cards face down on the table.
Take it in turns to find pairs that make up number bonds to 10.
If you don’t have a pair, put the card down in the same place.
The person with the most pairs at the end is the winner!


Our topic in science is solids and liquids. Take a look at the information provided to see if you can find items around your home that are solids, liquids or gases. There is a sorting activity for you to do too along with an experiment that you did at school with Mrs Hodder. Make sure you speak to an adult before starting any experiments!



Keep on top of your spellings by using the High Frequency Words list attached.
There are handwriting tasks including letter formation, simple sentences and writing prompts.


Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen is a class favourite in P6!

For Phonics practice you can use Phonics Play, there is a free section however the website are offering a free subscription period for the full website.
Username: march20 password: home

Oxford Owls have a variety of ebooks including their reading scheme plus a lot of popular children’s stories, parents can sign up for free membership which gives you access to free books and English and Maths activities.


CommunicationYou can continue to work on your speech and language targets whilst at home.
There are speaking games you can play such as ‘Simon Says’ or ‘I went to the market …’
Here are some other resources to develop your conversational skills and solve problems.

CBeebies Radio.CBeebies Radio have a range of listening exercises that you could practice at home!
Can you be an iSpy Radio Detective?! Click on the link below to listen!


Make sure you take time to move and keep fit and active!
We like doing Cosmic Kids Yoga in class, show your families how good you are.
There are some videos below and you could take a look at their YouTube page to find even more. This is really good for your well-being too!

Help Kidz Learn is a fantastic website which is currently offering a range of free activities. If you have an iPad or tablet and can download the Choose it maker 3 app then you can use the following codes to redeem interactive activities.
- Biff, Chip and Kipper Identification – UWMNAF