These are the topics we are learning about


In English, we have been exploring the story of Hercules. The PowerPoint we have been using is on this page. You could also watch the Disney film of the story (rated U) if it is available to you.


In Maths, we have covered a variety of topics including time, addition and subtraction, length and position and direction. We always focus on our number and counting skills no matter the topic so you can always continue practicing your counting whilst at home.
Can you identify all the numbers on a clock?
Can you order the days of the week?
You can do physical addition and subtraction using toys, add one to a group or take it away, count how many or left. Use paper to create some symbols on and build your own number sentences to practice.
Identify items around your home that are long and short? What is the longest/shortest thing you can find?
Can you instruct the other people in your house to move in a certain direction to reach their destination?
Practice putting things in, on and under and using the correct language.


Can you tell an adult what is happening on each page of your favourite book? What objects can you see? Are the characters happy or sad? These are all questions we use when reading picture books in P4. Can you find objects if an adult asks you where they are? Do you know the difference between pictures and text? These are all valuable reading skills to continue building on.
The Letters and Sounds website below has some super phonics games for phases 1 and 2.

Fine Motor Skills

In P4, we are always practicing our fine motor skills, this includes; copying or overwriting shapes and lines. Snipping paper or cutting along a line.

Gross Motor Skills

Make sure to get outside and practice gross motor skills such as throwing and catching, riding a bike or walking/running. Cosmic Kids on YouTube have some amazing yoga videos that P4 really enjoy accessing to improve their balance and gross motor. Go Noodle has a category for gross motor too.


If you mix cornflour with water, you can make your own goo that can be poured but becomes almost solid when you touch it. It also washes away with water! Using shaving foam or sand to practice letter and number formation is fun and beneficial. We have really enjoyed melting ice and chocolate from solid to liquid as a sensory and educational activity.

Useful Links

Speaking and Listening

Communication is one of our main focuses in P4, here are some of the targets we have been working on recently:
Instructing others – Using PEC’s files or speech, we have been instructing our peers to jump, sleep, skip or dance. Listening to others instructions is just as important as communicating our wants to each other.
Prepositions – in, on and under. This is something we work on frequently in class. Use a favourite toy to demonstrate in, on and under. There is also a choose it maker we use in class to test our knowledge. If you can download the app, use the code XTKXHB to play the activity.

Key Skills Targets

We work on different targets every day in Key Skills, below are some of the areas we have focused on and activities to complete.
Sorting activities – sort big and small objects (ensure that it is very clear what size the items are) such as bricks, cutlery, balls, toys. Sorting coins such as 2p, 50p and £1.
Patterns – Use coloured blocks or pegs to copy a 2 or 3 colour pattern or generate your own pattern.
Odd one out – Use blocks or toys to identify the odd one out (ask “where is the odd one out?” or “which one is different?”)

Reading Time

P4 really enjoy listening to stories in class, some of our favourites are below.
We also use a Choose it Maker to help identify characters from our reading books, the code for this is FJAPHM
Barefoot Books on YouTube have some wonderful songs that we enjoy choosing at the end of our school day as part of the home time routine.

Golden Time

On a Friday afternoon, we spend some time sharing our favourite songs with each other and dancing along.

Rainbow Treasure Hunt

Maths Treasure Hunt

Book Treasure Hunt

Backyard Treasure Hunt

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Senses Treasure Hunt

Spring Treasure Hunt

Easter Activities

Here are a few ideas of crafts you can complete at home to celebrate Easter!