Welcome to Primary 3 home activities page

Hello again. I hope you are all staying safe and well. As a staff team we just want to send a virtual hug out to all of you and to your children … we are missing them and the contact we have with you. We know just how difficult this time will be for many of you and hope that you find some inspiration and ideas on this page that will help if you are looking for things to do with your children. All of your children learn through a total communication and sensory approach which may be quite difficult for you to replicate at home however below are some suggestions that you could try out … don’t put too much pressure on yourselves doing this … try to enjoy this time with your child.

Some of the websites I would suggest for you to search for activity ideas are …

- Pinterest
- The Imagination Tree
- Activity Village
- ABC does
- Twinkl (who are offering free access to parents at this time)
- Youtube (for animated stories as well as songs and sounds related to any activity you are doing)

This is not a full list and I’m sure many of you will already have other sites where you go to get ideas as well as links from the many suggestions coming through social media at this time.

Help Kidz Learn is a fantastic website which is currently offering a range of free activities. If you have an iPad or tablet and can download the Choose it maker 3 app then you can use the following codes to redeem interactive actvities
Animal habitats – UMCVHP
Farm animal sounds – RYEBNN
Odd one out – PBRBAP
Weather and seasons – RUVDTG
Weather songs – MNGJWP
Where’s my baby? – DYQTJW
Where is the … ? HYWQLV

Spring and Easter ideas

“Springtime” and “Easter” are two lovely topic areas for you to explore with your children in the coming weeks.
As I said, try to make it as sensory experience as possible. Your children learn best through their senses and so anything you can find to look at, touch, taste, smell and hear will help with their understanding. Here are some ideas of things I might try to include in a sensory exploration tray …
Spring and Easter time = smelling lovely flowers (or enjoying a massage with flowery smelling handcream ?), exploring the touch of a feather or of grass cuttings, tasting chocolate eggs, listening to bird song (Youtube if not outside) and looking at all of these things and more!!

Here are some more Help Kidz Learn actvities you can activate linked to Easter and spring time.

Easter counting BRYMQH
Spring time YNBLVP

Squishy sensory bags often help when you don’t want too much mess!! I would advise you get some strong zip lock bags and then you can add either shaving foam, rice, hair gel with sensory bits linked to spring or Easter. A bit of glitter can add a shine to the bag too!

This is a lovely activity for a spring walk … if your child would not tolerate wearing the sticky tape then you could always wear it?!

Easter cards for family and friends?

Fingerprint cardsHow about making some Easter cards to send out to family and friends this Easter time … we can’t see each other but a lovely hand-made card would be much appreciated I’m sure. Here are a few suggestions but the amazing internet will have other ideas … just have a look around and see what you have available to use. Happy crafting!

Rabbit cards

Chick card

Easter baking

Chocolate nestsEaster treats are always nice too … when we do food technology in P3 it can usually get a messy affair!! So, good luck with this … but I usually try to ensure that the children get to explore the ingredients with their senses … tasting the chocolate, touching and listening to the crunch of the shredded wheat or sugar, smelling the vanilla essence, listening to the eggs cracking and the whisk in the bowl … enjoy!!

Chick buns

Eater biscuits

Wake and shake in the morning!

Sensory day and sensory weather

In P3 we also do a sensory day , where each day of the week has a colour attached to it …
Monday – red, Tuesday – orange, Wednesday – yellow, Thursday – green and Friday – blue.
We listen to songs about the colour on Youtube, explore objects of that colour, play with balloons and smell or taste things of that colour.

Each day we talk about the weather to and explore it as much as possible with our senses … a water spray when it rains, sunglasses and suncream when it is sunny, a fan when it is windy, an ice cube when it is frosty etc. You could also have a go at making sensory weather bottles with your children as shown here.


I have attached a number of Communicate in Print symbols which may be of use to you.

Gross and fine motor activities

Gross and fine motor activitiesHere are some ideas for you try with your child to help promote their fine and gross motor skills. These are activities that we might try do with your children, and are obviously adapted to each individual child.

Extra ideas

Painted hands from the whole familyHere a couple of lovely ideas for making a family hand image … to celebrate time together.

Make a family hand print with salt dough!

Squishy paint and colour mixing ... without the mess!

Counting in a practical way

We are going on a bear hunt!

Make your stories as sensory as possible .... they don't need to be this complicated but try to add textures, tastes, sounds, smells and sights linked to your childs favourite story.

Can you find any bears?Apparently this started in New Zealand … children going for daily walks are being entertained by teddy bears in the windows of houses … I’ve put my teddy in my window! Have you?