FE Step On Home Learning Tasks

Natasha's Challenge

Easter activities - 03/04/2020

Happy Easter everyone!
For your activity over the Easter holidays, I have attached some ideas of things you might like to do with your families.
You could:
Colour in some mindfulness Easter activities
Make an Easter brunch
Go on an egg hunt
Make easter crafts
Decorate an egg (either hard boiled or chocolate!)
Decorate an Easter tree

25/03/2020 - Capital letters and full stops.

FInd a newspaper or magazine and look for an article that interests you.
I want you to find and highlight (or circle / underline) all of the capital letters and full stops in the article.
If you want, you can send me a photo of your work to n.dennis@theviewtrust.org

Please try to complete some tasks while you are at home to support your child's learning.

Achieve Independence!

Learning in FE is based around functional skills. With this in mind, we want you to practice independence skills within your home environment.

Parent note: sometimes it is useful to have visual prompts to help students with tasks. I have included links to appropriate websites which may help with each task.
Twinkl are letting parents and carers have access to Twinkl for a free month membership. You will need to set this up to access some resources.

Help wash up

Here are some examples:
• Make a hot chocolate
• Make your lunch
• Make your bed
• Hang up your clothes
• Sorting clothes into lights and darks
• Ironing (with support)
• Washing clothes
• Washing up and drying up
• Set up shop – practice purchasing items in your house using real life money!
• Setting the table
• Sweeping / hoovering
• Write about what you have done whilst you haven’t been in school.
• Learn to use the microwave / toaster
• Learn how to get dressed independently
• Find items in your house that look like different shapes – for example find a circular shaped object like a clock!
• Look at a magazine or book and try to find the capital letters and full stops.
• Play what am I? Use descriptive words to describe an item in the house for example, it is most used in the morning, it makes toast = it’s a toaster!
• Practice telling the time as accurately as you can!
• Go for a Scavenger Hunt in your home – get your parent to make a list of items for you to find!
• Write a letter or email to a relative.
• Make a shopping list.
• Learn your address and important phone numbers

Make your own lunch

Useful websites to support learning

BBC Bitesize
TES – type “symbolised recipes” into the search bar to find lots of recipes in an accessible format.


In horticulture this half term, we are working on planting seeds. If you have the resources you can practice planting seeds such as cress or potatoes and growing these in your own home!


If you need any support, please feel free to email me at n.dennis@theviewtrust.org and I will reply as soon as possible!

Reading book

The Boy In The Dress

In class, we have been reading the book ‘The Boy in the Dress’ by David Walliams.
Below is a link to lots of David Walliams resources – if you scroll down you can find a whole resource pack on our book!
I have also included an audio book recording of the first part of the book.
Can you name the author and illustrator? Can you find an interesting word and find out what it means? Can you use your phonics skills to decode words you don’t recognise?
Happy reading!