Mr Findlay-Pidcock's Challenge

Send a card to an elderly person who lives in a local care home. Tell them about who you are, what you like doing. Tell them about what you have been doing. If a grown up lets you, give your address so that somebody can write back to you. Maybe you could do this every week?

Choose It Maker!

Ask a grown up to download ChooseItMaker on to an Android or Apple device and use the codes below to access some interactive learning activities at home.
Number Recognition: UGEERA
3D Shapes: RPXUGD
2D Shapes: DLLFLA

Rhyming Words: RHQYKE

Mr Collinson's English

Rhyming / Poetry

Task one: To listen and attend the Revolting Rhymes Poems by Roald Dahl. I have attached a link to couple below. It is in two parts, and it is about an hour long.

Task two: Listen to the poems again but to try to find the rhyming words within the poems. See how many you can spot and write them down on a piece of paper. Use these as ideas to create your own short poem about anything you want.


Task 1: Look in the kitchen and group foods into whether they are healthy or unhealthy for you.
Task 2: Group these foods into whether they are good or bad for your teeth.

PSHCE - Enterprise and employability

In KS4, we have been studying enterprise and employability, so getting pupils ready for leaving school. We originally going to be given £50 and we needed to plan and idea on how to make a profit.

To continue work on this a good task would be to have your child help you with weekly shops. Tell them your budget and let them help you shop.

Also you can set them a budget and put them on or and have them complete a shop by adding things to your basket. These items do not need to be purchased and can then be removed.

Mr Bleasdale

Art & Design

Surrealism and every day objects

We have been drawing and colouring every day objects, turning them into objects that don’t look real. Choose images and add colours and texture, making them as unreal as you can. You may add collage, textures and lines. If you like, you can also practice your drawing skills by drawing patterns, lines, shapes and simple images on different pieces of paper. Have fun with your art and remember, Its ART, dear!


Patterns and shapes in ceramics

We have been making patterned bowls, plates, vases and platters. Choose a shape for your ceramic product. Draw on shapes in rows like the examples I have shown you.
Add lines if you like. Colour in your design for a ceramic product. Practice your ceramic skills by rolling out pastry and using kitchen tools to make patterns!


Following on from our teeth topic use the instructions attached to help you brush your teeth.


Re-think Your Drink

Collect different types of drinks in your kitchen. Pour out the same volume of each drink using a measuring cylinder. Measure the weight of sugar in grams for each drink using a weighing scale. Which drink is the most unhealthy for your teeth? How do you know? Take a picture of your results and send it in.

Useful Documents and Links