Mr Findlay-Pidcock's Challenge

Write to an elderly person who lives in a local care home. Tell them about who you are, what you like doing. Tell them about what you have been doing. If a grown up lets you, give your address so that somebody can write back to you. Maybe you could do this every week?

Writing Challenge

Watch the video above and choose a topic for you to write a piece of performance poetry about – it doesn’t need to rhyme, just tell a story which is special to you and give lots of imagery.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Zones of Regulation

Look at the emotions in these zones – Can you identify what puts you in to each zone’s emotions and how you help yourself get back to green?

Mr Collinson's English

Rhyming / Poetry

Task One:
The pupils this term have been looking at cautionary poetry. The link will take you to a website full of cautionary poems. Please may the learners read them or have them read to them depending on the pupil. Then plook for rhyming words and spot them in a sentence or at the end of the sentences.

Task two:
Another activity they could do was rhyming card snap. The PDF below is cards of different rhyming words, which you can print out and cut up, and play snap with.
You can also find the matching rhyming words by presenting the word to your child and then having them choose which word rhymes with that word.
Using the same cards, you could also play a rhyming memory game by placing all the cards upside down, revealing two at a time and seeing if they rhyming and seeing who can get the most pairs of rhyming words.


Life Events

Task one:
This term 4H has been looking at life events. Research Martin Luther King Jnr, and then create a timeline of his key life events.

PSHCE - Enterprise and employability

In KS4, we have been studying enterprise and employability, so getting pupils ready for leaving school. We were originally going to be given £50 and we needed to plan and idea on how to make a profit.

To continue work on this a good task would be to have your child help you with weekly shops. Tell them your budget and let them help you shop.

Also you can set them a budget and put them on or and have them complete a shop by adding things to your basket. These items do not need to be purchased and can then be removed.

Mr Bleasdale

Key Skills

Write a diary every day for the next coming weeks.


- The date
- What you did that day.
- Who you saw.
- How you felt.
- Draw a picture underneath what you have written if you like.

Art & Design

Surrealism and every day objects

We have been creating surreal art and adding different textures and colours to every day objects. Use every day art media to colour your chosen image, then add small objects or a different texture to your artwork. Make it look surreal – this means that it doesn’t look real! You can add a texture to the background as well. If you like, you can practice drawing different lines, shapes, simple objects and draw repeated patterns. Enjoy your art, and have a go! It’s ART, dear!


Patterns and Shapes

We have been making patterned bowls, plates, vases and platters. Choose a shape for your ceramic product. Draw on shapes in rows like the examples I have shown you.
Add lines if you like. Colour in your design for a ceramic product. Practice your ceramic skills by rolling out pastry and using kitchen tools to make patterns!

Key Skills Work

Complete the worksheet on the 2 times table.

Key Skills

Download the sheet and solve the place value problems.

Key Skills

Download the worksheet and fix the sentences. Add capital letters, full stops and correct the spellings where needed.

Key Skills

Look at the shapes on the PowerPoint. Complete the quadrilateral sheet afterwards.

Key Skills

Complete the punctuation worksheet.

Key Skills

Complete the addition and subtraction problems. Use the PowerPoint presentation to remind you how to complete addition and subtraction problems. The activities increase in difficulty as they move from 1 to 3. Pick the activity based on whether you think it will challenge you.

Science - Teeth

WALT - Identify the different types and functions of teeth

Follow the activities on the PowerPoint presentation and use the worksheets provided.

Key Skills

Complete the addition and subtraction home learning tasks.

Useful Documents and Links