Dear 3L,

Please find below various activities you can complete at home to keep you busy! There are also some fun maths games at the bottom of this page that can be played on a tablet. We are also sending you Home-School Learning Packs for Mathematics with various activities to complete. If you feel it would help, please find below a child-friendly explanation of the coronavirus to help your child understand the current climate.

Many thanks,
Mr Lord, Mr Stafford, Ms Pritchard, Mrs Szekely & Miss Jones.

Mr Findlay-Pidcock's Challenge

Write to an elderly person who lives in a local care home. Tell them about who you are, what you like doing. Tell them about what you have been doing. If a grown up lets you, give your address so that somebody can write back to you. Maybe you could do this every week?


Persuasive Writing / Persuasive Language

In Key Stage Three English, we have been looking at letter writing and advertisement as a method of persuading people to purchase a product or changing their viewpoint on a particular topic. This could be in the form of a letter, brochure, leaflet or poster etc.

Task One:
Write a persuasive letter to Mrs. Parrish, our Headteacher, asking her to shorten the school week from 5 days to 4 days. This means all students would get Friday OFF! You need to think of three strong arguments to support your case. Furthermore, you need to use strong, emotive language so you can get your point across effectively. When you are making arguments, remember to use ‘because’ to add more information to support your points. Finally, use persuasive phrases:
- “It’s outrageous that…”
- “I strongly believe …”
- “It’s concerning that…”
There are powerpoints and templates available to help you at the bottom of the page.

Task Two:
Design a brand new chocolate bar or packet of sweets to be sold in all supermarkets and shops.
Use the template at the bottom of this page to design your wrapper – make it attractive, eye-catching and colourful. Next, list all of the ingredients and flavours in your product – Is it milk or white chocolate? Does it have biscuit, toffee or caramel etc? Make your flavours interesting so people want to taste your new product!
Next, create a catchy slogan for your product, so that people instantly recognise your brand. For example, McDonalds use “I’m lovin’ it” and Nike use “Just Do It!”
Finally, create a poster to advertise your new product. Include:
- A large title and image of your new product.
- Use special offers to encourage people to try your new bar, such as a special introductory price, or ‘buy one get one free.’
- Include your new slogan.
- Use humour to make your new product more memorable.
- Use positive comments and effective adjectives.
- Use alliteration and rhyme for effect.


Transatlantic Slave Trade

Can you use a dictionary to find the definitions of the following words linked to the Transatlantic Slave Trade? Discuss what these mean with a grown up.


Film Music & Soundtracks

In Music, Key Stage Three have been focusing on film music and soundtracks. We have discussed different types of film genres and how film soundtracks match and supplement a particular genre. We have also discussed how certain music makes us immediately think of a specific character. There are some tasks below for you to complete:

List as many different types of film genre as you can, for example, comedy / horror / action.

Listen to the following pieces of music on YouTube. Do you know which characters the music represents? Are they good or bad characters? Heroes or villians? Use emotive words to describe the pieces of music, for example, scary, creepy, magical, happy.

Using the list of the genres you have created, can you think of a piece of film music that would match each genre appropriately, for example, My Heart Will Go On – Titanic matches the Romance genre perfectly. Can you think of music for a horror film, an adventure film etc.

Finally, for some fun, search Guess the Movie Theme or Film Soundtrack Quiz on YouTube and have a competition / quiz with someone else in your family or with a friend!


Ask a grown up to download ChooseItMaker on to an Android or Apple device and use the codes below to access some Maths learning activities at home.
Number Recognition: UGEERA

Play some fun maths games online using the Topmarks website. There are various difficulties to choose from, so if you find it easy, increase the difficulty! The games should also be tablet friendly.


In KS3 French, we have been learning about our hobbies. Your task is to take part in your hobbies (if this is possible) and learn the French word for these hobbies. With the help of attempt to learn some key words for your hobbies and write them.

For example, if your hobbies include music, you would learn the word musique and listen to some of your favourite songs. See if they are famous in France.
Also, a website with lots of good French songs and resources to look at is

Mr Bleasdale.



Collect different items around the house. Explore their texture and decide what their physical properties are. Are they hard, rough, bendy, waterproof, shiny, transparent or opaque? Group your items into those that are made out of; wood, plastic, glass, metal, water, rock or fabric. Using the materials you have explored, pick the best materials for making an umbrella with. Explain why you have chosen these materials and make your umbrella if you can.

Miss Habib.



Listen to good to be me on YouTube
Democracy is where people voting make decisions and the most vote’s wins. For example, if 10 people vote for pizza for tea but 12 people vote for lasagne, then lasagne would be for tea as most people have voted for it.
Now in your house vote on the following choices. The most vote’s wins and everyone must take part.
Listen to a song a pupil chooses VS Listen to a song an adult chooses
10 sit ups VS 10 press ups
Vote on who gets to choose the next TV programme or film you watch
Draw a picture VS Write a story
Read a page/chapter of a book VS 10 jumping jacks
Complete ten easy maths sums VS Complete a 20 minute cosmic kid’s yoga video on YouTube
Taste a new food (if available) VS drink a glass of water
Now try to come up with 3 of your own choices. Recap what democracy is.

Art & Design

Portraits and Picasso

We have been learning how to draw faces – the formal name for this is portraits. You can use your existing skills to complete the following projects. Slideshows 1 and 2 are full of art projects. You can draw/colour/render using art media/collage/paint/textile/use a mixture of art media. Good Luck and have fun! It’s ART dear!


During dance this term we have been exploring how a dance can show different personalities. We looked at Matthew Bourne’s version of The Nutcracker and compared the Marshmallow characters to the Gobstopper characters. You learnt the Marshmallow dance and were AMAZING. Watch the video below of the Gobstopper dance.

Tell an adult how the Gobstoppers differ to the Marshmallows (If you need reminding there is a ink to the Marshmallow dance below). Think about how the Gobstoppers move and act and see if you can make up your own Gobstopper dance.


Use scratch coding to create stories, games and animations.

Use this bee-bot emulator to practice your directional language – forwards, backwards, left, right, half turn, full turn. Change the mat to create different challenges.

The SMART Crew – Online safety series to watch plus other activities.