Education, Health & Care Plans

One of the major changes introduced was the replacement of the current Statement of Special Educational Needs system with new Education, Health & Care plans (EHCP). The EHCP is intended to be a more individualised document which has all information collated by other agencies if appropriate. The EHCP will extend the SEN system from birth to 25, which will support young people into further education, employment and independent living.

The EHCP consists of an ‘All About Me Profile’ which gives a description of your child including what is important to them and what support they need. This is intended to give you as a parent/carer the opportunity to improve the information held about your child. The first part of this profile is completed by your child’s teacher in consultation with you as parent/carer. The second part of the document is a Family Pen Picture completed by parents/carers.

As part of the change in legislation Headteachers of all schools were required to support the process of creating a new EHCP for each pupil with a current Statement of Special Educational Needs. At Tor View we continue to work with the Local Authority to ensure All About Me Profiles are completed for all our pupils and students.