#100000friendsThe Sports Hall funding campaign, known as 2 Million Steps, began in 2016 and our aim is to add value to a future bid to the Department for Education. As an all age special school for children with learning difficulties and disabilities we remain the only school, catering for secondary-aged pupils in Rossendale, not to have a suitable sports facility.

#100000friendsThe next stage of our initiative is to be known as #100000friends and the idea is to, through the power of social media, create links with as many people as possible starting with pupils, staff and their families. Using the hashtag #100000friends. We aim to spread news of our cause locally, nationally and even internationally, with the idea of our supporters taking photos whilst holding up our downloadable “#100000friends” logo in as many different and interesting locations as possible.

#100000friendsThe 2 Million Steps campaign has already raised close to £30,000 through various sponsored walks, runs, cycle rides, mountain challenges and donations. The response to our cause has been unbelievable with children, parents and friends doing a fantastic range of fundraising with some individuals raising thousands of pounds. Our vision is that the facilities at Tor View will be available to support those individuals and groups with learning, physical and sensory difficulties/disabilities in Rossendale during school hours. We also hope to make the facilities available to the local community during the evening, weekends and holidays.

#100000friendsThe school is asking people to sign up to be a ‘friend’, and in doing so donate £1.00 to the cause, with the intention and aspiration of making 100000 ‘friends’ in total. Our campaign is as much to do with raising awareness for our cause as raising money. The thought of making connections and building that awareness with 100000 people is pretty awe inspiring when we are a small community of 162 pupils and 140 staff but it is exciting to see if we can do this. We will be releasing lots of video clips and images of our pupils and students to support this initiative and maintain momentum and we know that we will get the fantastic support from the people of Rossendale as we always do.

More information will be available on this page as the campaign progresses. To sign up as a friend you can:


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